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    Anyone had any experience with claiming tax payments back?

    Worked during Summer, was taxed, but gross pay I was below my personal tax allowance (which I believe is about 4.8k, I got paid 4.5k), given that I haven't worked since and have no plans to work until the next fiscal year at least, obviously I should be entilted to that 500 or so in taxation I paid back (Income, not NI).

    Any ideas how to do this?

    I assume I need a P45 (need to run to job agency and get that first) and then just go to a tax office and fill out the requested information?

    Thanks in advance for any help - sorry if it's in the wrong form =)

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    Claiming back tax ?

    Yep pretty much.

    You may be able to bypass an actual visit to the tax office as loads of their forms can be downloaded from their website now

    You send the form off with the P45 and they'll either send you a cheque or pop it in your bank account.


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    I went to the tax office and they went through it with me there. It was easy!

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    How long did it actually take to get the money back ?

    The taxman has been ripping me off wholescale this year, and I ideally need the money back before I go abroad in a couple of months.

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    Yeah, how long will it take to get back? I sent it off ages ago and haven't had anything back

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