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    Structural surveys....worth the money?

    I've just had the house I'm selling surveyed by my buyers' surveyor, I found it quite cursory to say the least, it was a full structural survey, I could have done better myself.

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    I thought I 'd post this here since there are a lot of landlords who deal in property frequently. Are structural surveys worth having or do you just get a long document full of get-out clauses like "consult a specialist on this matter" ?. I'd have thought a full structural survey should cover the fabric of the building and give you answers, not further ways of spending money to maybe find the answers. The property I'm thinking of buying is period, so I want a building surveyor rather than a GP surveyor. I want to know if woodworm is viable, I want to know if cavity wall ties are sound, but I don't think my 1000 is going to get me this information. Any ideas on what I should look for in a surveyor, or any recommendations on surveyors in Herefordshire/Worcs ?

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    Very often, surveys aren't worth the paper they are written and contain vast amounts of caveats throughout. Generally speaking I would only consider a structural survey for an older property or if there were visible issues; such as bowing walls and cracks etc... Also look out for freshly rendered or repointed external walls as this may be an indication of vendors hiding structural problems.

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    I ,ve never had asurveyor on the past 4 houses Ihave bought for myself but have needed extensive improvement anyway . and I have a building background. I suppose if the house loks shabby then expect to have spend money. I hope this helps a little.

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    Hardly, I always have a structural condition survey undertaking on every property I buy. It’s a no brainer really; would you buy a car without an MOT or HPI check? I doubt it especially when a house is possibly the most expensive purchase you will make in your life time.

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    I was once in the situation where myself and my staff were relocated at company expense to work on a project. I had my prospective house surveyed and one of my staff had his prospective house surveyed by the same firm of surveyors. The two houses were in different towns and different ages but the surveys were virtually identical word for word The surveyor told me afterwards that the real value was in the phone call where he said that the place was OK .

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    In the end I commissioned a structural survey and probably just about recouped the 1000 outlay in remedial works by the vendor, but I was careful to prime my surveyor to make sure I got a comment on issues I'd spotted to ensure indemnity.
    My buyers had a structural survey, what a joke, he picked up some little things but missed a lot also. Naturally I put everything right whether on the survey or not before completion.
    It is hard to miss that surveyors who discuss the property with the vendor tend to fill the survey with what they have been told. The report on my house was a transcript of our conversation, the report on my purchase sounded as if the vendor (who I'd met a few times) had written it.

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