Being a first year student, I'm unsure if I need a part-time job during this year of university to support my living costs. And I was wondering if you would think of it as something good or think of it as a distraction and unnecessary thing. ��

I receive 7090 for maintenance loan from Student Finance. For the first two loans, SF is giving me around 2340. The last is a little more.

However my accommodation is fairly expensive and costs 6864 a year for a 48 week contract (not like I need it for that long but it's the only one available). In three instalments the rent will be 2288 each.

I will also receive a bursary from my university with a amount of 2000 a year, split into three payments of 500 for November, 1000 in January and 500 in April. My parents said they *might* also give me around 100 a month to help... and have already given me 500 ahead of September. But I really don't like depending on them since I feel so awful doing so and I really want to give them something back after university.