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    Does real estate investing really make people rich?

    There are some people who get incredibly wealthy through stocks and some other people who do not. For the people who don’t succeed, is it that stocks don’t work or that the people using them don’t all possess the right knowledge and skills?

    It’s funny because every man is a “self made man,” it’s just only the rich who admit to it. The wealthy are what they are because they have applied knowledge that works. Studies repeatedly conclude that over 90% of wealthy
    individuals have become wealthy through real estate. Does it really work? It works better than any other system of business to produce wealth with the right knowledge and skills.

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    Hunny, I take it all back. I can see now that deep down you're really a philosopher at heart. It is just amazing the spirituality that you manage to wring out of 'Real Estate'.

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    Oh, Hunny, another cut and paste job.

    DO tell us how we too can become wealthy through real estate and just where we might find "the right knowledge and skills" to produce that wealth......

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    Let me give you another view

    Banks lend money for bricks and morter but dont lend to buy stocks and shares

    ???? why is that ????

    Property is a safe bet and banks know it

    Make up your own mind

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    Banks lend on what is safer for the banks, not necessarily what is safer for the investor.

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    Investing in property (real eastate if you're a Yank - does that mean there is fake estate too?), does make people rich, but not necessarily the investor!! I am continually bombarded with property deals from various wed sites/direct emailers. Why would they want to give me these deals? Why don't they flip them themselves? Oh, yes, because they can make a quick percentage with litle risk, and in a property market that has all but stagnated!! Last week's bomardment was from a pair of ex estate agents, falsly ramping the potential in pthe property market. My ex landlord has had to sell his main residence to remain liquid, he has been in property for over 30 years! Anyone who has bought in the last 10 years has seen the price of the property go nowhere. On paper maybe these people think they are millionaires but that's because they choose to take the view of ignoring that most of this wealth is owned by the banks!!!

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    I would hazard a guess Rightcharlie 1, that you don't live in the London area, where the rental market(at least in the areas I know of)is booming thanks to the UK governments' welcome of anyone and everyone from the EU who wants a handout/subsidy from the UK taxpayer. Including, for example, Brazilians who gain EU citizenship from Portugal and head straight to their established community in the UK. Or was your ex-landlord was an upmarket property but with downmarket tenants landlord who has been affected by the cap?

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