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Thread: Safest Assets

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    Safest Assets

    I hold diversified potfolio of Isa and Units in various Unit fund managers. what are the 'Safest Assets' in this volatile market?

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    Gold, rare earth and precious metals, China Efts and UK inverse EFTs

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    Yeah, but you need to be VERY careful with inverse ETFs - particularly the geared ones.

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    Unless you think you can time the market and are not in it for the long term, I would just make sure you keep an eye on your asset allocation, i.e. 30% bonds, 70% stocks. Sell/buy when you are too far off from it (i.e. >5%).

    Now is good time to average down on more equity funds imho.

    Morningstar's XRay tool is excellent for keeping track of the portfolio.

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    Index linked saving certs . Cannot lose! Unfortunately the limit is Ģi5000.

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    10% each into ETF's : Gold, Oil, Global Index Linked Bonds,Emerging Markets, Russell 2000 and 10% into IT's/Funds : RICA, SIGG, TEM, M&G Global Basics and Aberdeen Asia Pacific.

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    Russell 2000 is an index of US small caps. You can buy an ETF which tracks the index from db x-trackers or ETF Securities (which does a GPB and USD version.

    RICA is the Ruffer Investment Company investment trust. Our senior investment researcher Frank Talbot is a big fan -

    SiGG is another investment trust, Signet Global Fixed Income. It's currently trading on a very large discount of almost 19% and has been for some time, so worth investigating why this is the case before committing.

    Hope this helps. Here's some links you may find useful

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