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    I was self-employed last year, so I was finally getting around to filling out my self-assessment tax return (has to be done by January 2018). I was going through it, I earned 1222 from my self-employment in the last tax year and 635 (and 150 tips) from another employment. That amounts to just over 2000.

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    Why do I owe Class 2 NIC?

    Your employment that was elsewhere, did you pay ni for that?

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    I didn't pay any tax on it. I was 17 at the time - don't know if that makes any difference?

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    You should have paid ni on that I think

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    Shouldn't that have been taken off automatically? Annoying

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    Yes it should have done but they could have messed it up it seems

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    The threshold is 5965, so why is it saying I owe ~75 in Class 2 National Insurance Contributions?

    I might have to give them a call tomorrow, but as of right now I'm pretty annoyed and can't be doing with being on hold to HMRC for 20 minutes

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