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    Bond/fixe interest etc part of Balanced Portfolio

    Can you please advice me selection of 10 Bonds/ fixed interest/ UK Government bonds/ Global aggregate bonds/ Global high yield bonds/ hedge funds/ privare equaty which should form part of Balanced Portfoli in the present environment.

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    Best to go for a Unit Trust fund to spread your risk. I find Hargreaves Lansdown a very good on line service.

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    I don't trust myself in buying individual bonds. Instead I've bought the following bond funds to diversify my portfolio:

    Fidelity Moneybuilder Income Fund
    Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond Fund
    M&G Strategic Corporate Bond Fund
    Threadneedle High Yield Bond Fund
    Investec Global Bond Fund

    I'm happy with them all, apart from M&G which has a 1.5% initial purchase charge.

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    You could always stick with funds that have some sort of rating - if you have access, look at what is on the OBSR approval list. If you use a platform such as Cofunds, or Funds Library, they will indicate which of these have a rating. I would tend to stick with the funds that have a good track record, although as you know what they have done in the past is no guarantee for what they will do in the future.

    If you want a punt, consider Investec's Emerging Market Debt - some commentators thing this is an area where you could get some decent returns but it depends on how you/your client feel about investing in

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    You can do further research by going to Citywire Selection, the guide to our best investment ideas. It's a dedicated part of the website where our independent research has put together our top selections for different areas of the market.

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    Another bond fund worth mentioning is Invesco Leveraged Hi Yield Fund. (tidm : ILH)
    This is a closed end fund like an investment trust so there should be no additional fund charges, trailing commisions or annual fees to pay (Hargreaves Landsdown excepted).
    This fund is currently yielding around 9% and is priced at a discount to NAV of 7%.
    Holds a mixture of mainly B, BB, and BBB rated bonds so I consider it as a higher yield bond fund with a higher risk.

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    Thank you Mr Jonathan Millar & those you expressed their views. I do follow city wire's selection but initiated the discussion to get further views. I have taken interestment only in equaties so far but have done so since 1980 when LSE took initiative to arrange various seminars in London. My knowledge in Bonds, fixed interest etc is rather limited.
    In addition to the Funds mentioned, I was also impressed with the following;

    Artemis Strategic Assets Fund Acc
    Templeton Global Total Return Bond (I think it is the same as Templeton Globoal Bond)
    GLG Global Bond
    Legal & General Dynamic Bond Fd Acc
    M&G Corporate Bond
    CF strategic Gilt A
    Baillie Gifford Global Bond C Gross
    Ecclesiastical Higher Income Income (City wire does mention else where)
    SL Inv Higher Income
    I had reservations for Henderson Strategic bond & Gartmore Fixes interest.

    To complete the list what other Funds/Assets should we includ eg; Multiasset funds, Private Equity, Property (in the present environment), Absolute returns, Funds which are Hedged etc etc to enable the Investment to withstand if other down turn occurs. Although City Wire did post the of funds which did well in last down turn it would be nice to identify those funds again in all sectors.
    Many thanks

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