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    Matched Betting Thread #2

    Welcome to the Matched Betting thread - the new trend for students in making some money!

    This thread is intended to be a reference guide with tips and links to various way in which you can take advantage of this lucrative method of making money.

    Matched betting can be done automatically or manually - this thread covers both automatic methods and manual methods. Manual methods involve users researching, calculating and carrying out the matched bet. Automatic methods are usually websites or software that automates this.

    The following is a comprehensive guide from Wolvarium that covers the basics of both automatic and manual methods with some very useful reference links.

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    Most offers are entirely risk free. Some have a small element of risk but are mathematically favourable to give you profit.
    Of course there is always human error or unforeseeable events that are out of your control but it is “risk-free” in the truest sense of the word.
    There are offers you can decide to do that are “low-risk” but it is entirely your choice whether you want to do them or not.

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    This really depends on how much time you commit to it. If you complete a lot of the sign-up offers available then you can easily make around 1000.
    There are other ways of making money, revolving around the same principle, which I will explain in greater detail below. After doing the sign-up offers, you can utilise these methods and make large amounts of money.

    Most people make around 300-500 per month putting in a couple of hours each week. Those who do it alot or commit to it full time can make anywhere between 2000 - 5000 reliably every month.

    This Blog has been going for just over a year now and keeps a running total of profit, averaging about 2k every month.

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    There are various resources you can use that help you to get to grips with how the process of matched betting works. I will list some of them here.

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    The biggest Matched Betting guide site. Has an excellent tutorial for new users and offers a free trial which you will make about 30 from. Large and active forums and good customer support.

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    One of the very early guide sites. Not as good for new people but offers far more information for those looking to do the more advanced offers including casino and bingo.

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    Another site that lists more bookies. Word of warning though, some of the bookmaker's on the list are a bit dodgy and would be worth researching. More on that later.

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