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    How much is your rent and does you M. Loan cover it?

    If it does, how much spare will you have for everything else (food etc)?

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    my rents approx 6k and my maintenance loan right now is 3928 without my parents income considered - I submitted 3 weeks ago but for now that's all I'm getting - I had 3k spare last year so a grand a term which is plenty ��

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    Rent is 6k, I'll have about 12k spare after that. Happy days

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    I'm paying sound 66 per week (so about 3.1k for a year), and I'm left with around 90 a week (I usually spend 20 on groceries, and sometimes less since I shop at Lidl and the local market).

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    I have a loan of ~3800 a year. This pays for all my rent (3800 exactly)
    The rest of my money I have as a loan from my parents (but without the interest) and I live on ~1500 for food etc.
    So a loan of 8000 should be fine to move out and live comfortable at university.

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    Loool defs not, I go uni in central London. My accommodation is 11.5k a year and my loan/grant together is 9k ��

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    I'm getting just over 8K loan a year and accommodation is just over 5k. It works out as about 88 or something a week. I'll spend about 30 ish a week on shopping.

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