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    Thinking of buying a warehouse for 400,000 which is presently let at 36,000 per annum using funds in an ISA ( Plus some cash to make up the balance needed)
    Can anyone please tell me if the rules allow an ISA to be used for direct purchase of a commercial property?
    Is the ISA allowed to borrow from me to make up the balance needed to compete the purchase?
    If it is allowed then can anyone recommend a suitable ISA provider? I am with Youinvest and suspect this type of investment is outside their scope.
    Thanks in advance

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    Commercial Property in an ISA

    If you do withdraw your ISA cash to purchase commercial property, then you will lose its ISA shelter (subject to the recent rule change allowing cash to be withdrawn and reinstated within a year, which doesn't seem relevant if you are tying it up in commercial property).

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    I beleive the SIPP route is open to me, although at significantly higher costs than my nice simple Youinvest SIPP, so I will consider that.
    Dare not even start to think if the property has been elected to VAT !

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    I will .......Probably the more sensible and certainly the simplest route into commercial property.
    I like Investment Trusts generally but do I really want to pay 86p for a property worth 80p?
    Wait until it trades on a discount again?

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    Hi there,

    from the legal world but new here but found a few topics which I've a decent amount of experience on. for commercial property, even land acquisition, developments and construction purchases - its probably worth the following:

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    1) purchasing using a trust
    2) where do you stand with initial personal ownership or through a ltd co. as personal ownership gives access to some of the most attractive options on the market
    3) get proper advice - I've carried out a few commercial acquisitions this year and each time I've just taken direct advice and guidance from my adviser.
    mentioned in another forum that I'm more than happy to give out his name and number if required

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    ISA's cant be used to borrow or hold a property. ISAs can be used as repayment vehicles for residential properties on interest only - I have our interest only mortgage back up by isa and all of our savings

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