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    Given the recent fracas over the Commonwealth Games and the resulting exposure of gross inefficiencies and corruption in India do we still regard it as an emerging market worth investing in?

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    Is India really a worthwhile investment?

    Yes, very much so. This is only a temporary blip in Commonwealth games and not in India PLC. The rate of growth in India has been extraordinary and the Indian economy will continue to out perfrom Europe, USA etc. The basics are right and you dont look at one incident, howsoever important to colour your judgement.

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    It is a shame about Commomwealth games and we as Indians should hide our face in shame but you cannot balme the whole of India for one mishap. There is a differnce in Private sector which contnues to out perfrom and the Public sector which needs to get its ducks in a row.

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    Ofcourse there are weaknesses and every Indian will acknowledge but we must also give credit to Indians and their hard working culture of " Yes we can do it".

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    I will give you one example. You get your curtains made in London and you are talking of 6-8 weeks. You go to India and it is 1-2 days with the curtaind deliverd to your home by this Indian on his motor bike. There are no welfare payments in India and no work no eat. Simple.

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    So Please keep your faith In India. And once again I for one feel shocked to see the name of my country being ruined beacuse of one incident. I hope they get their act together and we may yet have very successsful games.

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    Check out First State Indian Subcontinent Fund...........current growth is encouraging enough for me!

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