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    Is it worth buying Bitcoin?

    Just wondering if there are any Bitcoin followers on here - is it worth buying Bitcoin as an investment now, or have I joined the party too late?

    I've never been involved in any trading before, so this is totally new to me. But having seen the value of Bitcoin soar, is it something I should consider as a safe investment?


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    don't bother unless you know a lot about computers, people can just hack your computer and steal your wallet, and it's valuable enough to warrant someone doing that. afaik it's for terrorists and drug users.

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    It's just speculation like many forms of trading. You will find many assets that have gone up sharply but past performance isn't an indicator of future performance. It's all a gamble and nobody really knows what will happen going forward.

    I had a horse that came in at 10-1 today. That's a 1000% return in just a few minutes. It doesn't mean it was a wise investment. It was a lucky one.

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    Oooh this was my hobby in like 2011/13. If you want to speculate go for Ethereum (obviously this is a disclaimer). I wouldn't call BTC or any online cryptocurrency an investment since it's not backed by any sort of tangible business venture. It's literally speculation based on the assumption that someone will want to buy when you want to sell. Second sucker trading.

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    Well it could be worth buying but be prepared for highs and lows, atm it is making all time highs!!

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    But when looking at Bit Coins currently, the price has doubled since the start of 2016.

    Perhaps it will double by the end of 2017 therefore if OP sticks in 10k, it could double by the end of this year.

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