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    Old house for Improvements

    I got this house for a long time already. I was thinking lately to make some improvements because it was already old and about 10 years since I purchased it. Actually, it has not been repaired yet. Anyway, I want to know exactly its depreciation value and how banks would assess it if I would apply a loan for renovation. Its actually a 120 sqm. single attached house and lot. Do you have any idea about a lending company that that gives a good interest rates? Any experience in applying for a housing loan and the amount they lend you?

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    It's quite a small property and depends on your location. Just be cautious on choosing the right lending company, compare rates from several mortgage lenders and read the fine print before signing anything.

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    I saw an advertisement posted on the street. Got curious and checked the name "mortgage rates california".

    Fortunately, when I checked this online, it seems the company has good offers. Anyway,I am hoping you can help me double check if the company is reliable. TIA

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    Which country is the house in?

    If the mortgage firm is based in the USA, it won't be much help in the UK or the EU, for example!

    If you want anyone to commit themselves to giving detailed opinions, you need to give detailed information.

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    Can we get any mortgage without any down payment?

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    i'm aware of 'doer-uppers' and the importance of positioning any borrowing very carefully

    definitely get professional help - more than happy to give my FA's details if you want

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    100% lending does exist but make sure it's right for you

    lender will assess the property as it is at the moment, as that is their security

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