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    UK economic data for the past few decades

    I'm not sure if it's of interest to anyone, but I've had a go at compiling some interactive charts showing UK economic indicators such as GDP, unemployment and CPI since 1950 (where data is available from the time series section of the ONS website). The address is The page is purely a personal experiment, but I hope it will be of use to people interested in the UK economic situation.

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    Please let me know if there is anything I can to do to improve the page. And if this post is considered spam, please accept my apologies and let me know - I'm happy to delete the post.

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    You’ve done a great job, James. The site certainly puts political claims and media commentary in perspective.

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    I hope you can keep the site going. Perhaps you shouldn’t be shy about adding some advertising to make a bit of income.

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    I used to spend a lot of time looking at economic data but finally accepted that, for investing, the stockmarket leads the economy – both into and out of recessions.

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    When it comes to inflation rates (real rather than government-inspired), it can be worth looking at ShadowStats.

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    Alan, thanks for the link to Shadowstats. It's certainly an interesting site. I've done a tiny bit of reading about the site, and there do seem to be some reasons for doubting some of the Shadowstats figures. But it does draw attention to underemployment and discouraged workers, which aren't picked up by the headline unemployment rate.

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