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Thread: UK Rent prices

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    UK Rent prices

    How much on average do people spend on rent and bills per month?

    Im 34 and still living at home with parents, and would love to move out and be independent etc but I just can't afford it.
    I did move out a couple of years ago to a flatshare with a friend. I was paying 300 a month for rent AND bills mostly included (occasionally id have to put a bit more on the electric meter). Worked out with the two of us paying 300 a month, one was paying the rent, while the other paid the bills per month.
    That I could just about manage. However then flatmate had to move out as she couldn't afford it any longer, so I had to move back home too as the council wouldn't let me keep the flat.

    Due to not having any privacy or peace at home, I would love to move out again to my own place.

    On my own however, rents seem to start about 350-400 a month, and then there's bills on top of that again.
    There's no way I can afford that, if I barely managed on 300 a month before, and with a car to run now, credit cards to pay off etc! Its not even a nice area around here!
    A flat share with someone might be doable, but due to past experiences and social anxiety, I could never live with a stranger, and I have no 'friends' that either want to flat share, or id trust to share with. Well sorry, there's one, but he lives in london and quoted me to rent the spare bedroom in his flat with him and the boyfriend, it would be 'only' 750 a month each for three of us.

    I feel like im in a rut, and will be stuck at home under parents dictatorship forever.

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    Could you increase your hours at work? Are you paying off your credit cards with an efficient plan? Could you cut your car costs?

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    Was trying to add in about work but it wouldn't let me edit!

    No. I work 32hrs a week, at minimum wage, and there's very little overtime available. Apparently the department is over on wages so they need to cut hours as it is.
    The credit cards I just pay off whatever I can whenever. I have direct debits set up on all 3 to take minimum payments each month, two of which are interest free until next year sometime, but then pay off any extras each payday. The minimums are 25 each, so thats 75 per month, I got paid last friday and have so far sent an additional 190 to one card, and an additional 50 to another card, but the amount varies each month depending on what ive got in the bank from the previous month and the new payday!
    As for the car, I don't actually pay out much for it at the moment, just petrol mainly as parents pay the rest while im living at home (and dad uses it in return)

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    Are you eligible for a balance transfer on your credit cards? Getting it all at 0% then throwing everything you can at them would help in the long term and obviously no more spending on them. I think for your goals you need to find more hours, I can only manage with 34 hours at minimum wage because o have half to pay by sharing with my partner. Or look at how you might be able to cope with sharing? Or a studio set up rather than a flat is at least a bit cheaper.

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    Yeah thats what I do, and why I have 3..well I actually have 4 but nothing on the 4th one, but no offers either. The terms called card sharking, so I move balances between the various cards where I can. At the moment two are completely interest free, the other one (which ive been throwing more money at to pay off) is 0% interest on about 600-700, but then another 400 or so on it is gathering interest after I had 400 in unexpected bills last month to pay out. Not sure if you can move that particular part of a balance to another card?

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    Even studio set up is stupidly priced. In the town I work in, cheapest of anything available is 350 a month, then goes up to 400+..there are some single rooms to rent in shared accomodation in the nearest big city starting at 200 a month, but no parking available and then id have to commute to and from work which would push costs and travel times up. Plus, its sharing with students, which at my age would be awkward!

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    You could try balance transferring that 400 yes, If you moved out wouldn't your parents expect you to buy a car anyway so commuting would then be cheaper?

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