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    It is a funny old world we live in. Take a step back from all the billions of marketing spent on advertising by leading investment houses, banks and product providers and simply ask the representatives, agents, professional advisors, investment managers, marketing agencies and financial journalists where they would invest a £100k windfall and you might be suprised to learn the results.

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    Your Pension, Your ISA or Your Property how you choose to invest£100k windfall?

    Presumably, not in the Bank, but can no one come up with any answers?!! Lloyds TSB and Bank of Scotland have not exactly been safe havens, let alone some of their advisors saying to hold on to BP!

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    How about £25k in each of the following:- Banco Santander, Barclays,HSBC and Standard Charter. How do you think that will look in a years time?

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    For decent returns I would invest in none of those 3 unless you could buy AIM shares with dual listings and put them in an ISA. Then I would choose 2 - 4 enterprising shares and take a 1-2 year view, then rotate. AIM needs regulating as it is rotten to the core with broker and market maker corruption and insider dealing, but there is serious money to be made on some stocks. I will not drop names here, do your own research.

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    I have already done this and it has not worked out too badly.......

    I i bought £30,000 premium bonds and have had £350 in prize money in about 6 months - pure luck ?

    I bought £30000 in NS&I savings at 2.75% , one year payable this October.

    Also I put £30000 into a savings account with Alliance & Leicester (immediate withdrawal, no fees for
    early withdrawal) paying 2.24% net of tax.

    I also put £30000 into Legal & General unit trusts, mostly Pacific and USA, also some Japan. I am showing
    a quite nice profit on these

    If I had more funds available I would buy into Platinum.

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    I'm new to this 'game'. I wasn't able to find a local IFA to help me. One that I did suggested that given my position I could do the research as weill as he could! But back to the point - rather than seek input to this question, and I can't see too many people giving up their IPR, how about the following?

    I think that a great facility would be a regular starter section, for example each month four respected individuals comment on how they would invest £10K, £100K and £200K. I guess above that level you'd either have the knowledge or an adviser. It could be four different individuals for each area. the individuals could rotate each month.

    Just an idea but such a rotating view point is something that seems to be missing unless someone can point me in the right direction.

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    My policy has been to spend a lot of time studying the markets and not trying to follow the sheep, for example I sold out in China late last year as I find the Chinese leaders have a strange idea about democracy,they are dealing under the table all the time and then sending foreigners to prison. I don't like the American President,his language with BP has been shocking so I am very wary of the States.Likewise the politicians within Europe are cooking the books over the Stress test for their banks.

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