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    Bank of England

    It looks like the B of E have cost all investors a lot of money.
    For most of my life, the Gov. hardly ever said a word.

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    Strange how the BofE Governor doesn't comment on the General election yet feels it right to comment on Brexit, to my mind he should stay out of the politics, can you imagine the furore if he told us bad things would be if we voted Conservative, Labour etc. Project Fear continues although the worst I have heard so far has been Cameron invoking War Graves, he sure is turning out to be a slimy piece of work.

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    He is hardly independent of Government. Appointed by Osbourne.

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    Time was,of fond memory,when the Governor of the Bank of England had merely to raise his eyebrows to get his point over.The present one should be more sparing of his utterances ; perhaps,then,when he does speak,people would actually listen.Instead of which,we have had a litany of drivel such as " forward guidance " and " going forward to the medium term ".

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    This is the Governor who left Canada with a ridiculous high personal borrowing level which is now coming home to roost

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    Central banks are dishonest brokers. they exist to prop up their crooked banking masters, at everyone else's expense. The eight years and counting of financial repression, housing Ponzi props, vast handouts to speculators and brutal war on savers, were demanded by the insolvent money printers to maintain their lavish lifestyles. So that's what happened.

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    The talking heads employed to spout word salad announcements aren't paid vast sums to care about a country or it's citizens, why anyone should think they are is beyond me.

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