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    Advice needed! Applying to British uni's as a international student.

    I am considering applying to Oxford, Lse and possibly other universities in England aswell. But the only problem is that studying in the UK is very expensive and I will have to mortgage my family's property to fund my degree.

    The current fees for the course that I want to apply for is currently listed at 23,105 pounds at Oxford. This would amount to atleast a total of 70,000 for all 3 years .

    I think the whole degree would cost atleast 100,000 pounds. Costs at other high ranking universities like UCL, LSE and Nottingham would be similar.

    So my question is will this be worth taking a such a massive loan? Also, interest rates in my country are usually around 10℅ - 11℅
    on education loans.

    I am also applying to American universities and they tend to provide better aid for internationals. If I can get good aid at a top uni there then I will will choose it instead.

    to;dr - I am an international student considering applying to uni's in the UK(Oxford, LSE etc) for my undergraduate. As tuition fees for internationals are very high the only way I can afford to attend is by taking a loan in my home country and for this I will have to mortgage my parents house. Will this be worth such a massive investment? Or should I rather just not apply ?

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    Will you definitely get a good job/career at the end of it worth the amount of you will pay to study in U.K.?

    If yes, then do it, if no or maybe then don't,

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    That's fine, but what career path after the degree are you thinking of? And are you seeking employment in your own country after your degree or in another country?

    Whilst an Oxford degree will open many doors, you have to think quite definitely now on where you want this degree to lead to. You say you will be mortgaging your parents house to pay for all this. I hope they agree on this!

    You seem to be already thinking of going to an American Uni would be preferable. But you also need to look at graduate employment opportunities after you have finished your degree. Currently in the U.K. we have graduate unemployment or graduates having to take jobs on very low pay. It really does depend what employment sector you wish to go into. There are certainly no guarantees of well paid jobs here in the U.K after graduation, so mortgaging your parents house is a massive risk to pay for your studies. You need to weigh up all the pros and cons of studying in U.K and USA and go from there.

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    No my parents don't have a problem as long as I can pay it back.

    Not sure but definitely something related to economics/Banking. Idk what country I don't really have a preference.

    All top American universities are more generous and will require me to pay very less as compared to British uni's. But if I don't get in then I would want to study in Britain so British universities will be my insurance.

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    Good luck applying to leading schools when you don't know the difference between uni's and unis.

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    Dont fall into the trap of thinking that a UK degree will a) get you a job here or b) get you a longer term visa.

    Therefore, you should only do it if you think the is worth it in terms of making you more employable in your home country.

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