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    Why is it that when four major countries within the Euro mechanism (Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland) are struggling economically that the pound sterling still appears to be weaker against this currency?

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    Sterling versus Euro

    There are a couple of reasons why the pound isn't benefitting from the weakness of the economic woes in peripheral Europe, namely because we have problems of our own but also because the economy is being propped up by the massive stimulus from the Bank of England.

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    Add to that the fact that the euro also benefits from the economic powerhouse that is Germany and that there are signs the Bank of England is ready to do more which could push down sterling and there are few reasons to believe the pound will strengthen against the single currency.

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    Is pound ready for strong rebound? As I thought it may be year for pound as well.

    Is snap election a game changer for pound?

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    or perhaps the French Election will be the game changer for the pound

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    , € and $ all subject to volatile emotionally driven politics, so just expect volatility. If you are happy to be brave sell the currency that's a bit high and buy the one that's cheapest. Fears tend to be too high and will bounce back. If 'the worst' actually happens, it will take longer to bounce back. Big genuine risk in Europe is the Italian election. Really good times for currency traders.

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    Over the last week EURGBP took a bit of a dive. In fact, it keeps taking peeks above 0.88 and doesn't seem to like it up there. It has tried that level several times this year.

    Brexit talks are, of course, going to make this pair particularly volatile as news, rumour and fake news hits the wires. I'm staying away from EURGBP for now.

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