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    Medical Alert/Alarm

    Which Alert System do you use, and why do you like it over the others?
    My 92 y.o. grandmother has come to live with us, and while she is quite mobile (actually, that's the problem...) she has gotten a bit unsteady on her feet and has fallen twice this week. She has a walker that we keep by her bed, but doesn't think (or want) to use it when she gets up at night.
    Her living quarters are downstairs, and at night when we're sleeping we can't hear her if she calls us. She is a very private person and has rejected any thoughts of a nursery monitior or open intercom system since she has the television on most of the night.

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    She has said she wouldn't use an alert system that requires a "service" come to the house if she pushes the button she said she'd rather "lie on the floor for hours - someone would eventually find me in the morning." Aughhhhhhhh!!!
    The ideal system would be one that would allow her to press a button on a wristband and a fairly loud alarm would sound in the upstairs bedroom and the kitchen.
    Another thought would be one that directly dials our main house number (she has her own phone line) to get our attention.
    I would appreciate any suggestions...When I dropped in to check on her the other night (around 3am) she had fallen and was down for "about 2 hours". Poor dear (very stubborn) Gram.

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    I'm not current in the available products in that area but had a similar situation with my mother so I can certainly relate.
    If there were some way to put an alarm in several spots in the room-- on her chair, the bathroom, her walker, the bedside which she could press to alert you, she would have the ability to get to you. It would certainly be better, of course, if she had it on her person.
    Have you tried asking the (many & experienced) folks in the kitchen table forum?

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    I am rather unusual regarding the care of the elderly. I feel that just because they are old and weak doesn't mean they don't have the right to make their own decisions as long as they are mentally well. I think you should abide by her wishes.

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    I agree that if she doesn't want to, she won't use it. Does she agree that she falls sometimes? In my mom's case, it resulted in a cracked pelvis. Twice. Agony. I had to move in with her for 1 1/4 year before she was mobile enough to move in with us.

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    Does she use seat belts in the car? They are not so bad are they?
    The "alarm" device shouldn't have to contact a medical service to come to the house if you set it up right. It can call you on your phones. They are just an answering service, really.
    You can get simple doorbells in the hardware store that will ring or buzz you anywhere you choose--Little buttons that can be located in several places in the room.
    I think you have the right to insist that if you are going to be the responsible person for her, that you require these to be available for her to use if needed. It's your decision, not hers.

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    My old uncle had a warning system where he could push a button on a wrist band or necklace, which was connected to a box connected to his phone.
    If he got into trouble, pushed the button, the box rang a central office through its connection to his telephone.
    Not sure whether office staff person could speak to him, but in any case, they had a list of persons to telephone and one of them would come to check on him.
    I'm not sure what the radius was that the warning button would connect to its box, but think it was hundreds of feet (which would cover him when he visited the barn to care for his cattle) to possibly a quarter of a mile.
    Cost about $25. to install, about $25. - 30./mo. maintenance.
    After his death we returned the equipment to the sponsoring office.
    I have a feeling that something like that might be acceptable to your (stubborn) Gran.
    I find that, just in my mid-70s, I'm becoming slightly stubborn, myself. Not that such may have been a characteristic throughout my life, of course!
    Hope you find a system that works for you.

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