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    Hi All,

    I just discovered this site. its a PTC site with various tasks you can complete for cash.

    You get $10 for signing up but the minimum withdrawal amount is $80 via Paypal.

    The most interesting part is they give $0.50 per post you make on social media promoting their site and also $1 per referral you make. All seems ok so far - I've reached $20 in a few days.

    Here is the link if you want to check it out:

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    Payout levels seem a bit odd, as dohe rewards. But I take a look.

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    Hello. I have been contacted by Lionbridge following my recent application for "side by side web judge". They have sent some training material which is two links; one seems to be the training manual and the other looks like it's a practice thing. I am a bit confused by it though. I need to sit and read properly to find out what they ate asking me to do but I'm on holiday in Cornwall and my phone reception is dire (I'm hanging out of a window to post this!). They want it for tomorrow but I'm not going to get it done due to holiday. Can I tell them this or will it be over if I don't get it finished?? Totally stressing as I was relying on this work. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If they want it tomorrow and you can't physically do it then all you can do is email them

    Or go to a cafe with wifi and your laptop is that's an option

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    ive emailed them. What will be will be I guess.

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    Sometimes things come at awkward times, ESPECIALLY when you are on holiday!

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    Don't they just. Missed out on loads of MB opps yesterday and today due to pants reception. Hey ho. I'm lucky to be away with my kiddies so can't complain. Will deal with this next week!

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