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  1. #1 reward app

    Tried searching for this didn't see it come up
    It's a new app program you answer questions you get points and can get rewards like whsmith Amazon etc. at the moment nothing is on the app to cash out it was the other day though.

    Here is the website

    Can download it on android or Apple
    One thing is you have to check the app everyday to check if their are questions to answer but it is so simple.

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    I use this it's a great app, although it may have changed, I find I'd you don't check everyday the mini surveys stack up to be completed at your lesuire.
    One thing I find great about this app is you can create multiple Gmail accounts, to make multiple accounts for the app. Currently I'm running 6 meaning roughly every 40 days it pays out 60 amazon!

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    I've just started using this app-I think it's great too!

    I'm nearly ready to cash out for the first time but do either of you know if the gift cards are actual cards they post out to you? Or e-gift cards? I couldn't tell on the app!

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    It's a digital amazon voucher, you get an email with a link to prove your not a robot, it then takes you to you 10 voucher code.

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    Love this app, so simple and easy, but I don't seem to get many. Maybe 1 or 2 a day, so only 20pts a day max

    Taking a while to cash out but nice and easy to do x

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