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    Fancy earning £45? Read on to learn more

    Dear all

    I've been asked to help recruit first a new project for Aspenden.

    To participate you need to be fluent in English, have lived or grown up in England for more than 10 years and have access to both a mobile phone and a landline.

    If you're interested then fill out the following link.

    Please also give the recruiter ID (RID) R880 (the last character is a zero!) when you follow the link

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    Again please ensure you fill out the former to give the recruiter ID (RID) R880 (the last character is a zero!) . It's all completely legitimate and a good little earner .

    Thanks all

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    P.s. all payments will be made into paypal.

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    How long will it take and how will the job work?

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    You have to do 6 telephone calls using your mobile phone of 4 and half minutes (and fill out a form online about each one which takes a maximum of a minute). Then another 6 calls using your landline for the same amount of time. It's all done via a voice recording system which calls you so there's no cost in terms of phone calls.

    It took me a little over an hour to do it all but they give you up to 3 days to do it all in.


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    Is it with different people? Do both people need to be in the UK?

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