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    student loans

    I've received an update of my student loan payback, and the interest alone is more than I feel I can pay off!

    Does anybody have any advice or direction I can go in to reduce this or to think about paying it off?

    I feel that I am a little bit out of my depth here

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    Hi. Welcome to the site.

    We need more info to help you. Can you provide your income and expense information? List all debts with current balances and interest rates.

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    I'm willing to help, but I'm curious. You have already introduced yourself as a freelancer and savings expert. Are you really asking for advice or are you writing an article about this topic and need some input?

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    If you have extra money each month, send it to the student loans.

    If you are lacking money, get a second job and put that money towards the student loans.

    If you don't want a second job, sell some of your personal stuff and put the proceeds towards the student loans.

    see the pattern?

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    Your student loans plus accruing interest must be paid off. There is no avenue of escape. You need to re-allocate financial priorities as this will affect every decision for every dollar you earn or spend.

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    Why not consolidate your student loans? You are more than likely to get a more reasonable interest rate by selling your loans to a 3rd party.

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