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    ... that every day is holiday.
    Sure is nice to have the option of doing what one pleases.
    (Single folks, that is).
    Someone asked a while ago whether hubbie should retire at 55.
    Some of us said that if he has enough strings on his violin that he won't get bored out of his mind, if wifie can stand having him around underfoot every day, and if they have enough to live on for 50 years, including counting on the erosion of the value of their assets due to inflation - to go for it.
    My ex-, for a number of years head of food service at a major hospital, thought it wise to take early retirement when there was talk of closing her institution or a similar one in a nearby city. She figured that the golden handshake would likely be preferable to accepting a severance package on closing.
    Had ten years to run around having fun, including, as a citizen of the U.S., spending from Christmas till March in FL - TX.

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    One great thing about retirement is...

    When she, dietitian, died - ironically, of colon cancer - our kids said that in the ordinary course of things, she'd have retired about a year earlier.
    And I added that she'd have been ill for more than half of that year.
    Good wishes for a wonderful New Year, everyone.
    Smile at every person that you meet - they'll wonder what you've been up to.
    ole joyful

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    Smile at every person that you meet - they'll wonder what you've been up to.
    I do and sometimes strike up a conversation with a fellow waiting in line person. You'd be surprised how happy some of them are to share a thought with you. I think a lot of people go about just not having anyone to really talk to.
    Happy New Year OJ!!

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    Same to you, Minnie - as I said, earlier, my Mom's name was Minnie.
    Hope your New Year brings the fulfillment of some of your good dreams - and the initiation of some new ones.
    Especially that involve helping folks make their way in this world.
    ole joyful

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    retirement for my DH and me was the most wonderful thing in the world. We always said when we retired we were moving to a mountain in Arkansas and that is what we did. We worked harder than we ever did "working". But what glorious work. We moved in a mobile home,added a huge screened porch,regular roof and out buildings. Dug a well, septic tank, I've got city type water now. DH made a large veggie garden and i made raised flower beds all around our shady house. We camped in OK in early spring and fished for catfish. DH deer hunted in

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    Vickie, I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss (of your sister)Don't worry about not getting to your sister. She knows and is carrying your love in her heart still as is DH.
    there is still a lot for you to do so don't plan on leaving too soon. We are here even though the forum isn't too active. Have you visited The Kitchen Forum or the Sewing, Quilting, or mny other forums on the Home forum part of Garden Web. A lot of people to meet and have a cup of good cheer with.

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