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    Making money from property basic course

    Hi guys,

    I've just been on the make money with property free workshop and walked away buying a spot on the 3 day basic course. I then came home and done some due diligence and found this very useful form with a thread which seems to refer to the same course. The course I'm on is the one with Martin Roberts and provided by a company called Legacy Education it seems like they're all the same thing though?

    I'm a complete newbie so I think the information will be new to me and would be useful. What do you guys think? The only thing that really puts me off on the course is the hard sell. Or is it worth getting a refund and get the information online for free?

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    I don't know anything about Martin Roberts or Legacy Education but I've become highly sceptical of property courses.

    If someone is a successful property investor, why not simply make money doing that rather than taking the time and trouble to also run courses? As I mentioned on another thread, there's a guy with numerous rent-to-rent focused Youtube videos who claims to be making a 5 figure monthly income from property, but who also gives up his weekends to run courses.

    I know it's different strokes for different folks but if I am ever in the fortunate position of making 10,000+ a month from property then I won't be spending my weekends in a classroom when I could be spending time with my family and friends doing fun stuff.

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    thanks for the reply, after much reflection we have decided to get a refund I mean all the content is right here on Property Hub, why pay for it and also get the 'pleasure' of a sales pitch for their advanced course. Ridiculous.

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    I've just come back from the 2 hour taster. It was interesting but I don't fancy paying 997 for the three day seminar. As you say, there are experienced, honest folk in this forum who are willing to share knowledge for free and people at the meet ups to speak with (I hope).

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    Yeah we were pulled into the sales pitch initially but decided to get a refund after. We've sent the tablet back so we should be getting our money back soon.

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    I believe seminars/courses are another revenue stream yet the information is available online.

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