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    Earn £45 for 2 hours recording work

    Hi everyone

    I completed some work for Appen last week and have now been asked to recruit others for it.

    I found it very easy to do - just a case of making very short calls to a frend or family member and chatting to them but being recorded whilst doing it. No script or topics to stick to other than not talking about the recording itself. This task requires 12 such calls (mine were 5 mins a time). The recording system rings both you and the other person so it doesn't cost you anything.

    Best bit is it pays 45!

    To participate all you need to do is fill out this expression of interest form, and you will be emailed the instructions if you qualify. I'd be grateful if you could include my recruiter ID R798 and I will then receve a small additional fee.

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    Hi, thanks for this. The link didnt work though, it says 'couldnt find your form, please check URL and try again'

    is it already full do you think?

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    Sorry about that, not sure why. I've edited my post and it works when I click on it now. can you try again and let me know if you're still having problems? Thanks

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    Great thank you!

    I just noticed it says:

    • Northern - Manchester, Leads, etc
    • Midlands - Birmingham and the surrounding region
    • South - London

    Im living in wales- do you think it would matter, do they check? just saw they say landline as well- they would know from that.
    Ah nevermind, great job for other though, thanks for letting us know.

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    I've had this offer but was worried if Northern also included Scotland...also we have no landline. Could we do it using 2 mobiles?

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    They're pretty specific on wanting a mobile and a landline so I don't think so no.....but I will email them just to double check. There's a separate box on the form for Scotland so I don't think it would be included in 'Northern' unfortunately.

    Edit: they've confirmed no to Scotland I'm afraid and person making the calls needs both mobile and landline (doesn't matter for receiver )

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