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    $1000, is it enough to start making some successful investments?

    It seems that this amount of money isn't enough for great purposes. But all starts with small steps, doesn't it? Is there a way to turn $1000 into something bigger, and then to say "yes, I've done it! This is the most intelligent and successful investment."?

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    Money magazine does a feature every year called What to do with $1,000. If you Google that, you can find the articles from prior years.

    Sure, there are always ways to invest relatively small amounts. The challenge used to be diversification and fees but now with commission-free ETFs, you can actually get yourself a nicely balanced portfolio with $1,000.

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    Changing subjects just a little, but... is your emergency fund fully loaded?

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    In a word Yes! Make a start, arrange your finances to allow regular contributions. A modest sum can be set up as automatic contribution, called DCA [Dollar Cost Averaging] to buy units of Mutual Fund or Exchange Traded Fund [ETF] at that date's current price. As a registered 'retirement fund,' it's tax deductible; regular fund only taxed on profit when cashed as capital gain.

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    My first professional job my boss helped me get started in investing. I still remember the funds, Gabelli Asset Funds, American Century Ultra Fund and Vanguard Money Market Fund. I put a 1k in each and set up auto deposits of $25 monthly. Over time I upped my auto deposits. We also had a plan that we could buy US Savings Bond and they'd take $25 out of my pay and I'd get 1 $100 Saving Bond a month. I'm loving that now that I have 2 in college and can cash them in for their school!

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    You can start investing at any point, but with small amounts you don't have much economy of scale and commissions and fees can eat up a good percentage of your capital.

    I waited until I had around $40,000 in cash saved up before I decided to jump into the stock market.

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