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    What's Pretirement mean?

    Hi guys. I want to hear your thoughts about this. I joined this group to have a full understanding to what do people search for when seeking retirement planning advice. I have a thesis to do and I need you to help me with regards to this topic. I hope you guys can help. Thanks and I appreciate anyone's comment. Have a great day to all!

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    Sounds like a silly made-up word, maybe coming from a commercial source. It doesn't mean anything in the real world.

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    Some people like to plan ahead and do some checking during middle age as what options may be ahead, e.g. projections of anticipated pension level with Can. Pens. Plan, co. pension (if available), other agency-related plans, plus their individually operated programs. Some don't know that one must apply for C.P.P. or the Cdn. gov't provided Old Age Security.

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    With regard to investments, what types to carry, as one moves from accumulation to phased withdrawal mode ... and how about trying to leave a major portion intact, as there may be heavy expenditures required when one needs to move into residential or nursing home near the end of life.

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    Some companies offer presentations on retirement for their employees approaching retirement, but less frequent recently as fewer offer pensions: others may not want to call attention to their shrinkage in that regard.
    While the main emphasis is often on the financial aspects, especially by agencies who are in that game and want to sell products to the potential retirees, other aspects are important. Sometimes legal resource people are included.
    Do the retiree(s) plan to continue living where they are, possibly with a period in winter spent in warmer climes, or do they want to move to live near family ... and have they considered how firmly those family members may be anchored in their current location, or are they liable to transfer, whether with their employer, or due to loss of employment and there being few alternatives where they live.

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