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    I live in a mild winter location (so no snowbirds originate from here) but I know many people who have a second home. Almost all in vacation areas - Hawaii, in the Sierra (and around Lake Tahoe) for skiing and summer vacations, some in various parts of the Rockies, etc. I also know people with pied-a-terre units, some of which wound up becoming primary residence locations as those folks decided they liked being back in the city and so sold their suburban homes. For those with two places, many I know spend significant time at the second home, from one-quarter to one-half of their time.

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    2nd home in retirement?

    I personally have always resisted a second home in a vacation spot, preferring instead the flexibility to go to different places each trip. I might consider one if one of my kids settles in an area I want to visit regularly that's more than a few hours away - that hasn't happened yet.

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    My feelings about second homes is same as for travel trailers/motor homes. Great if you love doing housework and maintenance. Like Snidely, I'd rather go to different places.

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    We are not retired yet but have vacation condo in FL that we hope to use more someday.
    My parents were "snowbirds" for almost 20 years spending the brutal winter months in Fort Myers, FL. They made so many wonderful friendships during this time -- it truely was their second home. My father also credits his great health (88 years strong) so spending winters in a warm climate where he could walk, play golf, play cards, etc...
    You can't get that from "traveling around"!

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    I don't understand your comment. Many people already live in places where outdoor activities can be pursued 12 months a year. (Which, I would suggest, wouldn't include Florida or other Southern locations where it's too brutally hot and muggy to spend much time outside in the summer months).

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    When you live in coastal CA no need for a 2nd home unless there's a place you love going to a lot. A friend of mine lives near SFO, great area, but when his two boys were young, bought a vacation cabin in Lake Tahoe where they went every summer. Kids loved it and are still big on outdoor sports; one lives in Seattle and the other in Minnesota (I guess he likes snow!).

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