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    Funds where the manager mattered

    I was looking at an old list of funds that I used to follow from the mid-2000's and saw that I was tracking Third Avenue Value and FPA Capital. Both have not done well since their original managers left, Marty Whitman and Bob Rodriguez, respectively.

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    Is there a question? I'm confused.

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    Don't understand your question either ,but how about my all time favorite PETER LYNCH fido magellan?

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    Re: Funds where the manager mattered
    06-27-2017, 8:54 AM | Post #3850541

    IOW.. Are those same Good Funds of the Past , doing as well or Better now, W/O their Former Mgr. Running them?
    In my Stable of Horses( Funds) of :
    MEF's ( Multi Equity)
    Bal Funds
    I have to list them all and then see if which have changed dramatically and any Plus or minus Differences since..
    as for crying over spillt Milk about Funds I no longer own vs should have kept? When I feel like being a Masocist, I 'll do that laterm maybe when the market Crashes., to add more insult to injury and Get more Should Of and Wood Of.....but not now..
    So far?
    PRWCX is doing Less, IMO, since its Former Mgr. left in Mid 07'. The New Mgmnt. has become Too Conservative. Used to be an aggressive BF to run against DODBX & run a 70/30 and now in the 60's in stocks..
    TGLMX is Lagging slighty behind Its former Mgr., who left to Start his Own , Doubline and DLTNX..
    TGEIX has gone down..
    While The Mgrs of these 2 fnds haven't left, their Boss has at PIMCO ( Bill Gross)
    PIMIX has Improved
    PIMIX is doing alittle Better ( and Much better vs its Indexed VCIT )
    I haven't Dbled Ck'd any others I have yet..
    I'll Get back to you ..

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    Not sure what information you're using to call PRWCX too conservative. Since Giroux arrived in '06 he's destroyed his benchmark, and DODBX, while only having 1 losing year in over 10 years. He's been in the top 10% of MA funds for half those years and only been in the bottom half 1 year. His fund ranks in the top 1 percentile for the last 3, 5 and 10 year time periods.

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