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    Generation Rent - Another sob story

    Saving of $6,000 over 6 years equates to an average of $1,000 per year.

    After Tax Income - $60,000
    Less Rent - $11,000
    Less Savings - $1,000

    Theoretical spending = $48,000.
    That's $4,000 per month in expenses.

    I have no idea how a single person can spend that much.
    My day to day expenses are a little more than that, and thats with a two adults and two kids (includes paying car rego / health, home, car insurance / etc).

    I'm guessing he's probably paying his loans that were used to purchase cars / go holidays. But don't talk about Sydney being unaffordable if you aren't willing to make sacrifices.

    Even if you wound back Sydney prices to 2008, this article would still say the same thing!

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    There is a thread on this article in the living room forum

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    Plenty of demand for nurses etc in great regional areas eg Albury. Nice lifestyle, less stress. Primo area = primo prices reflecting income levels of those who want to live there.

    I am sure that if he had spend the past 5 years investing rather than holidays, be would have had a nice deposit to use by now... but not as good a news story

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    I earn roughly $60k with three part time jobs and live in Norlane, and for a nurse Geelong has plenty of employment options......the new Epworth hospital 15 minutes up the ring road, Barwon Health, St. John of God, Geelong Private, Grace McKellar centre....heaps of employment opportunities. Mortgage is $280 a week.

    People need to think, first home is not 'the ultimate' home. A stepping stone surely.

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