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    When can I leave, and how will that affect my pension?

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    I reluctantly need to leave as soon as possible, preferably Christmas. What is the last date for handing in it next Friday (half term)? Also, I am 57 - how will this affect my pension? Will it be frozen, or can I "retire" and draw on my pension if I do not get another job? Do I need to inform Teachers' Pensions now? I haven't really decided that I want to retire, but I really really really need to leave, and I worried that I will not have any income, so need to know if I don't get another job can I automatically "retire" as such and ask for my pension? Sorry for all the questions. Hope someone can help.

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    I'm no expert but short answer is yes. If you intend leaving teaching. Notice before next Friday to leave Xmas unless you're in an academy and they have other contract?

    Yes, contact TP your pension will be reduced if you take it before 60. Look on the TP website for ARB calculator and it'll tell you what you can expect.

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    Can I opt to just leave, see if I get another job, and if I don't then ask for my pension?

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    yes, as far as I know. You don't need to ask your employer for your pension

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