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    Uae branch with swiss or panama company

    can i establish a uae branch in a free zone or LLC using a panama Private foundation + Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporation to be used in place of the three nominee council members.

    the appointed director in uae branch to open the uae bank account and be present in uae with uae company visa and emirates ID.

    it can works?

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    theoretically yes, but it would be hell a lot of paper work. Why do you want to use Panama foundation? Free zone authority will ask you probably for all docs attested by UAE embassy, same goes for branch in mainland (if you mean mainland company by LLC). What kind of activity?

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    shareholder wants to reduce liabilities and protect privacy the same time to keep control of the branch.

    the activity is construction ( oil & gas ) with risk of huge claims in case of delays on the projects ..

    the use of a panama foundation or swiss trust should reduce the liabilities of the beneficial owner ,,

    the main liabilities to be on the appointed director in uae ( he will also be signatory of bank account )

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    Uae free zone is already tax free why border?

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    to reduce liabilities and protect the investor…

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