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    AA Credit Card bonus for spending £500 in first 90 days.

    I remember there being some offer when I signed up for the AA credit card a few months ago, something like 50 (or 30?) if you spend 500 in first 90 days.

    Did anyone else sign up and receive such a bonus? How long after signup did you receive it?

    I cannot see an online contact option for AA credit card so thought I'd check on here first before I have to spend ages on the phone to them.

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    Those are the 2 I could find - did you meet all the requirements?

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    Although the above deals were for 50 in December 2016, according to

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    /web/20170126041251/ it was only 35 in late January 2017 (and only for the Dual card by then rather than BT or Low Rate).

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    If there have been different cashback amounts there may have been different Ts & Cs as well....

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