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    What did you sell? What might you sell? (2017)

    This topic is where you can post actual or potential sells in 2017! We'd ask that you please include your rationale for the education of us all.

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    Sold my entire stake in AGU today. I had been planning on doing this for a while as I wasn't thrilled with the merger with POT. AGU was far more diversified product wise and had an extensive retail network to off-set the commodity price risk. AFAIWC, the merger did nothing but increase commodity price risk. That said, I was quite happy to take the $20 or so per share price lift since the announcement last summer.

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    Sold Richard's Packaging. I did well with the stock. Over the past 2 or 3 months it was showing weakness. I started examine other tape and packaging companies and decided to move on to ITP. The valuation of Richard's was getting very high

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    Have been reducing my utilities holdings a bit since the election, and trimmed my REIT position today (HR.UN and CAR.UN) in favor of stuff that could benefit more from higher rates.

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