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    Retired? Do you feel sorry for people who have to work?

    Recently my financial picture has improved 100% (see my other post), and I have been doing lots of thinking about work and financial struggle. I have had lots of memories about the days of toil when I was always scared to death, that I would lose my job, never work again and become homeless.

    For most of my adult life, I allowed myself to be bullied by bosses and evil coworkers because I was just scared about not having any money. One time I did challenge an evil boss and he fired me on the spot and had me blacklisted in the industry and I ran out of money. Finally, I found something in another city but I looking under my bed and in coat pockets for change! (All my credit cards were over the limit!)

    Now that I am retired and don't have to work, I feel sorry for people who have to work to survive. Can you relate?

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    I feel sorry for people who have to work really hard and get low pay in return. Not everyone has the same opportunities growing up. Its really really difficult if not impossible for them to ever get ahead. Those are the ones I feel for.

    I dont feel sorry for those who are working and making 6 figure incomes and still cant save a penny. We know plenty of married couples who have $200k+ combined incomes and are up to their eyeballs in debt. Those people I couldnt care less if they have to work until they die.

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    Like ponyboy, I feel sorry for the people who never made much, maybe had a few setbacks (long period of unemployment, major medical expenses) and never could put much money away. I see a lot of this in my church, where there's a lot of variety in what people do/did for a living.

    I don't know too many of the ones who spend every dime when they could save, although I was married to one once. If you HAVE to have 2 shiny SUVs in your garage and your family cell phone bill is $400/month and you can afford cruises and Disney World on a regular basis but you have no savings, no, I don't feel bad that I have more, and I will resent it if my taxes are paying for your Medicaid nursing home.

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    Let's see. you have gone from $300K (or was that $400K), no job, 60/40 asset allocation. or is that 50/50, and now the jackpot in 12 threads. What's your secret?

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    I'm not impressed until I see a thread that he's down to 12% body fat.

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