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    Worth switching from MWTRX to FTBFX?

    Both active managed bond funds. Holdind MWTRX for many year and has been happy with the performance/yield till recently. Comparing MWTRX with FTBFX, both bond funds have similar duration and credit quality while FTBFX has better performance than MWTRX during the most recent 3 years.

    Anyone has thoughts about switching from MWTRX to FTBFX?

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    Not a fund that looks attractive in a rising interest rate market--had a peak to trough loss of over 3% during the fourth quarter of 2016.

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    If your a Fidelity user then yes by all means it's ER is lower for nearly the same thing. Backtesting shows them close enough to not matter.

    The true index (FSITX/FBIDX) wouldn't be a bad choice ether at a drasticly lower ER than Total Bond but Total Bond should do better in good times than the index while it can go below the index on bad times.

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    FTBFX isn't indexed but an active bond fund. It also has an active ETF cousin FBND [commission-free at Fidelity only but brokerage fee may be low elsewhere]. Pimco BOND and DoubleLine TOTL are also active bond ETFs.

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    Nobody invests "peak to trough". I find such statistics usually misused and abused.

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