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    Transferring Partners Debt

    Looking for some advice.

    My partner is about to give up work to start studying full time from September. She has some unpaid credit card debt.

    I'm thinking the best option is to get a joint credit card account, with a 0% interest rate on transfers, so I can then make the minimum interest payments to pay off the amount in full (hopefully) by the end of the 0% period.

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    You can't get joint cards. One of you will need to apply for it and be responsible for it. The other can be an additional cardholder if required.

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    Ok, thanks. Can I transfer the balance from her credit card to my credit card?

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    Don't forget that by transferring the debt from her card to yours, you are now responsible for the debt.

    Only you know how secure your relationship is, just putting that out there as there are numerous threads on here about people who have done the exact same thing - only to break-up later and realise that they are saddled with the debt and not their ex-partner, and there's nothing they can do about it except pay it off.

    Rather than you take on the debt, can your partner not apply for a 0% card in her own name now, whilst she is still working?

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