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    Alternatives to Vanguard LifeStrategy

    So I've started my SIPP on VLS80, high risk, but it will be contributed to for a good 20 years at least; regularly, so buying high and low.

    I'm going to drip feed approx. Ј5k into a S&S ISA from my CASH ISA for the next 12-24 months, though I'm unsure if I should just use the same fund option, or whether to explore other alternatives on the basis of the pot being much larger in the short term, but with a view to investing over a lesser period of 15 years.

    Should I be considering other funds? Or looking at VLS60 or even VLS100 instead? Any suggestions?

    (not factoring in a LISA just now, I don't want to tie in more than just a SIPP for now...which is a better option for me as the contributions are via my ltd company)

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    Why are you thinking about other funds? Are you unhappy with the fees or asset mix of VLS80?

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    Not at all, I'm actually a big fan of the Vanguard LS funds; I'm just not sure if the same fund in another product makes a lot of sense or not, and whether my approach should be different to a S&S ISA on a slightly lesser timescale than a SIPP on a longer term view. It is also the thought that I should be covering off other asset mixes?

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    What other assets do you want to include in your portfolio....VLS funds are very diversified. You should look at all your accounts and make sure your overall asset allocation is what you want. You can have certain assets in certain accounts ie cash should not go into a pension fund. I too often see people thinking that by having more funds they have a better portfolio (VLS is composed of several tracker funds anyway) and that's just not the case......keep it simple and keep fees low.

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    I have a mix of VLS 100 and VLS 20, which will reduce equity exposure over time and the next thing I'm going to add is Vanguard Global Small Cap Index as VLS in more large and mid cap.
    I might also top up the emerging markets allocation and add commercial UK property at some point too.

    But, I also echo what has been said above that VLS is very diversified already.

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