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    Missing national insurance credits

    Hi, a previous employer did not pay 3 years of my NI payments. So I have 3 blank years. I have worked from 15 to 65 '
    So I have ample credits. I was contacted out for a number of years. Will the missing years make any difference to my pension ?

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    best way to find out, get a state pension forecast - there's links on there to check your NI record also:-

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    I was in a similar situation.A former employer hadnt paid my NI contributions for about eighteen months.I still had my payslips and P60s detailing what I had been taken from my wages.I contacted the IR,downloaded some forms and sent them off with copies of my P60s and after a short while I was credited with the missing payments.

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    I checked 3 years missing.
    But will the 3 years make any difference to my pension.?
    It happened about 15 years ago. there was about 10 off us. We contacted the NI office, it was supposed to be sorted then.
    I sent the reply letter, and P60 to the NI office before Christmas. They just kept asking for more pay slips ext.
    I wasn't sure if the 3 years missing would make much difference.

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    3 years may or may not make a difference. The state pension statement will tell you what your forecast pension is at NRD, how much you have accumulated so far if the max possible has not already been reached and if so how many more years contributions are required to reach that maximum. If you have years credited from 15-65 minus 3 years that makes 47 years of contributions which is way above the 35 currently required for a full pension so the missing years are unlikely to cause a shortfall.

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