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    Noddle credit report codes

    I've recently printed both mine and my boyfriends noddle report as we're applying for a mortgage. My report has the code UC and AR on it. I've looked at the code list on the website and have found UC but can't see AR anywhere only AA...has anyone come across AR before and know what it means?

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    AR: Arrangement to Pay?

    Who is the flag for?

    There's a full table of codes there.

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    UC usually means new account so they haven't had a status update yet.

    AR is arrangement to pay = not good.

    Don't forget that the majority of lenders don't use Call Credit (Noddle) so you would be better of checking your other files at Equifax and Experian if you are going for a mortgage. By the sounds of it, I hope you are using a broker because if you/your partner has arrangement to pay on your files you application won't be straightforward and may lead to a decline if you go direct to a lender yourselves.

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