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    PaybyFinance Fee

    I was planning to buy as computer through the website, at the checkout i selected PaybyFinance (Hitachi Capital Finance) before i completed the application for the finance i was asked to pay a setup fee of 155.37 by entering my credit card info, i started to compete the form and by the time i got to the employment page i got a pop up message saying that the application failed and they are sorry for this. Where is my 155.37 ? Who charges a fee for nothing ? my application did not go through i closed the page later i find out the setup fee got deducted from my bank account anyway ! i wrote an email to the seller website also to Hitachi Captial, so far no reply from them.

    I am confused of how they charge a fee when the application did not even go through.

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    You say you paid by credit card, but the money came out of your bank account.

    Which was it?

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    Money is linked with my account so the money comes of my bank account of course.

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    Looks like they have taken a 10% deposit, so your order must have been circa 1550 ?

    Looks like you also agreed to pay them interest if upto 29.8% which would have taken the amount you would have paid considerably higher.

    I'd just either ring them tomorrow or wait for a reply to the email. Have they actually taken the money, or is it pending on your transactions? It maybe they put a hold on the money as a way of verifying your bank account/ID which will now be cancelled and the hold removed as you failed their credit criteria.

    If the computer is essential (seems a lot to me), look on the MSE loan or credit card eligibility checker as it will show you what chance you have of getting a loan and what the likely APR would be. This would be a soft check and not an application check. MSE, Noddle, Clearscore etc all offer this ability. It may be a blessing you failed to get credit at this APR and you may be ale to save a lot of money with cheaper finance by comparing your options.

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    Chillblast refer to it as a deposit.

    I've looked at the checkout process and it appears the charge is made by Chillblast, not Hitachi. Therefore, you should contact Chillblast about getting it refunded.

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