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    Right to buy mortgage broker

    I know Its not a particularly popular subject with some members on this forum and I do understand why.

    But I would really appreciate if somebody could recommend a good mortgage broker based in the West Midlands to help with my right to buy.

    I have gone through all the steps with the council and have been given energy rating, property value and discount we are entitled to etc I just need a mortgage now.

    If it helps both wife and I have good-ish credit report no missed payments, IVA, CCJs all green for past 6 years etc but I do have some credit cards with balances all on 0% for at least next 2-3 years and have not been spent on for at least 18 months.

    We also have savings about 5% of required mortgage to cover fees etc.

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    I was just searching that website, and looked on trust pilot but I guess you don't know how 'real' the reviews are. I believe some companies actually pay trust pilot and tend to receive higher scores?

    But it is a start many thanks. It's like picking an electrician or garage off google with no personal recommendations feels like pot luck

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    I have just submitted my application for a right to buy mortgage with the Coventry. I did prefer a local BS, but Coventry have better rates and a ten year fix, which is what I wanted.

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