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    Vanguard direct to customer offering confirmed

    Looks like Vanguard are taking the wraps off their new direct to customer offering - wonderful

    I know that this has been on the cards for some time, but it's nice to see some specifics confirmed (0.15% admin costs for 500+)

    Another article:

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    Ha ha you beat me to it by seconds
    Link to the new platform

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    Looks good, hope it sparks a price war.

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    Excellent - JISAs as well - DD's account will be getting moved promptly unless my current provider decides to match them.

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    I'm not switching my providers already, but this is good news, and hopefully they will branch out into other funds so others, like HL and Fidelity have to react. I might message HL requesting a reduced admin fee otherwise I'll start moving money.

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