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    How to start a legal proceeding against a builder?

    I have been seeing multiple posts in this forum advising for taking the builder to court, start the legal proceeding against the unfair practices and charges etc etc...I am wondering how and where to start?

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    What is the reason for unhappiness?
    Is there a registered agreement and clauses are violated by builder?
    mere unhappiness cannot be a cause for legal action.

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    Couple of reasons:

    1. Charging escalation cost when it was not mentioned in the agreement
    2. Charging for items such as meter, gardening, water harvesting etc when none of them were mentioned in the agreement
    3. Increasing the cost of IFMS & Parking from the time when the apartment was booked
    4. Charging the service at 15% which is applicable today but was less when the flat was bought in 2012

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    See this is what is easy to shout on top of your voice...sue the builder, file a case, don't pay the builder.....from so many learned folks in the forum.....and now when I am requesting the information on where to start? no response.....

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    What happened guys...where are the flag bearers who can guide

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