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    What is the best company for holding property in Europe?

    I plan to buy some property in France and Italy, as I remember foreigner can buy any property without any restriction, so is that ok to use Offshore company to order?
    What is the best type of company for holding property in Europe and the world overall?

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    in France you can forget any offshore to hold assets, the notary will block the transaction for sure

    don't forget that you need to justify the source of funds in such countries...

    you need something which looks clean, LU is mainly use, UK... and you need to take a lawyer to make the transaction as is protected against disclosing informations about the UBO

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    If you are planning to receive rental income from these properties then note that in both France and Italy, and most other countries, rental income is taxable in the country in which the property is situated, whether the owner is resident or non-resident. So using offshore/low-tax company will only have benefits in relation to the distribution of any dividends.
    Now if the plan on the other hand is the disposal of the property then good options would be companies in Cyprus or Ireland.

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    What's about using offshore as shareholder and UK or Lux to buy property, is that ok in that way?
    The cash flow is perfectly legal, I don't mind show the proof to authority.

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