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    Nationwide application - "action" documents

    So I've been patiently waiting for nationwide to inform me whether they'll issue me a mortgage offer.
    It's been about 12 working days since they received my application and 6 working days since the valuation. Since then they've been reviewing my gifted deposit form.
    My mortgage broker chased them today only to find that they hadn't actually looked at my marriage certificate that they'd received on the 11th.
    Apparently it was still outstanding. Today they've told my mortgage broker that they will action the marriage certificate and issue an offer by the end of the week.

    Can anyone tell me what "action it" means in terms of looking at my marriage certificate.

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    Incoming documents will be sorted into work queues, assigned to work groups, and processed in accordance with internal policy procedures. Your application is simply one of many. In the year to 4th April 2016 Nationwide completed on 210,000 mortgages. Or in laymans terms around an average of 830 per working day. Hardly surprising that at times there's a backlog of a few days occassionally.

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    Thank you. What I meant was they hadn't realised they'd received it, they were still waiting for me to supply them with it.

    They are currently reviewing documents sent in on the 19th, the marriage certificate was sent on the 11th, hence my broker chasing it up today.

    I was unsure what "action it" meant, that's all.

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    It means look at it, verify they're happy with it, continue with the process it's currently blocking.

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