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    hi guys.
    I've got a question i hope someone knows the answer to.
    I recently supplied and fitted a staircase to a client. Who then decided that he didn't like the design half way though and wanted his money returned. i refused as we had agreed the design. He then took me to court over this saying that the work was substandard and the timber not up to scratch. making out it was all my fault. The court somehow agreed with him and I've now had to payout 5100.00 to him and a further 3000.00 in bailiff charges as i tried to appeal this.So I've paid 8100.00 in total, all because he and his wife changed their minds about the design.
    I did purchase all the materials on my credit card as i usually do that was 2300.00.
    what can i claim for on the credit card insurance on section 75 can anyone help or advise me?

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    Nothing, unless you feel the materials were not what you ordered.

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    a) What has your supplier done wrong ?
    b) S75 only applies to consumer transactions.

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    We don't know the basis of the judgment or whether expert reports were involved. But if the judge made a finding of fact that the timber was defective (rather than being the wrong type etc etc) then this could be useful in an action against the supplier and, if S75 applies, the CC.

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    Does the full title "Section 75 of the Consumer Credit act" help to clear this up for you?

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