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    Purchase fell through at sellers fault

    I am currently in the process of buying a shared ownership property through a housing association, we had our offer accepted almost 6 months ago!

    When we accepted the offer we were made aware that the house purchase may take a month longer than usual due to extra paper work for shared ownership but only in conversation. Since then my wife became pregnant which means we can't get a mortgage offer extension and deadline is about to be hit.

    The issue is the seller but the property up for sale but the issues with the property not being a quick sale even though there was no chain is that the housing association went into this agreement before they had all the correct certification to sell the property. The house is not properly insured since being build and the warranty information is incorrect but the company tried to say that it will stand, there was also a piece of unadopted road outside the property, this should of been done years ago, we found out that it's the housing associations responsibility to contact the council and they haven't and since we started the council actually contacted them and they didn't respond.

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    We feel that because there was no chain and the property should not of been put up for sale unless it was ready for sale would hold them responsible because if the council don't get a response it could take another 6 months to adopt this road outside. How is that acceptable to keep someone waiting that long?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Even if what you are saying is correct what exactly do you want to happen ?

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    I'm also confused about what advice you're seeking. It's not the housing association's fault that your wife is pregnant.

    At least, I hope it isn't...

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    Why is the unadapted Road causing problems? Many housing developments have unadapted roads and this does not stop purchasing a house.

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